Teacher - Head of Year 7, secondary school

I completed the diabetic online modules last week and found them to be very helpful. I learnt a lot and realised that I did in fact have gaps in my knowledge.

The modules were very clear and informative. I found each of the slides easy to follow which was assisted by excellent graphics.

I really liked the tests at the end of each module.

A number of teachers who completed the module said that it would be a good resource for  Year 11 HHD and Year 10 Health and Human Development courses.

Principal, Melbourne independent secondary school

I am absolutely a big fan of this concept. It is nothing like I have seen before and a great way to learn for our teachers. It is user friendly, comprehensive and very clear. I have forwarded to all teachers, in both senior and junior school as well as our school nurse. 

Campus Sport Manager, independent school, Victorian regional centre

I have completed all of the modules.  They are easy to access, very user friendly.  They are concise yet very informative and would be a great resource for staff with Type1 students in their care.  They would have been useful for me last year when I had a year 12 type1 in my maths class.  Much better to understand what he is going through. I have CC’d our Senior Nurse into this email as she may find them useful to distribute to relevant staff in the future.


As a teacher and also being a type 1 diabetic, I know the struggles of dealing with the highs and the lows of blood sugars. It’s not a easy game to play let alone also being front and centre of 24+ kids a day. However what baffles me the most is as a teacher when we get so much professional development to ensure the welfare of our students including but not limited to first aid, mandatory reporting and anaphylaxis training. Why don’t we have training to cater for our type 1 students? There are so many misconceptions out there about how to deal with hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia, (if you ask some teachers they wouldn’t know the difference!) Well now they have the opportunity to learn, teachers have a thirst for knowledge and especially learning about catering to the health needs of their students. Thanks to the type one foundation for providing this source of critical information!! 

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