About Level 3 - Complex care of the student with Type 1 Diabetes at school


Schools/ education authorities are legally obliged to execute complex medical care for the student with Type 1 Diabetes during school hours. School staff are required to have the essential and relevant qualifications, experience, and attributes to ensure the student's wellbeing and safety. 

This Level 3 course provides best practice international standard Type 1 Diabetes education and training aids to assist but not accredit or qualify school employees in the complex care of the student with Type 1. There are currently no training programs in Australia that provide such accreditation for medically unqualified school staff. Such a training program, when available, will include training tailored to the individual student requirements.

A school nurse is qualified to execute complex care and is still required to complete this course.

There are 10 modules within the Level 3 course. The selection of the modules to be completed by those school staff responsible for the Type 1 student’s complex care may differ on or off campus. The parent and medical team should clearly outline the modules to be completed in the Individual Medical Orders (Diabetes Management Plan). If the student is to go off campus, the parent and medical team may select additional modules to complete, based upon the school completing the School Camp Checklist https://www.t1d.org.au/resources/school-camp-checklist-type-1-diabetes to assist with the safety and wellbeing of that student.

Refreshed Release: 25 January 2024

Original Release: 30 January 2023

Essential Skill Modules - how do I know which ones to do

The following skill and competency levels are required for school staff to execute complex T1D care of the student whilst in the school’s custody as part of the medical orders. Blood glucose testing skills must also be completed as part of Level 2 education and training.

Seek direction from the parent and medical team as to which modules you should complete.

Module 1 is mandatory for a certificate of completion including any of Modules 2-10 and only has to be completed once to gain access to all the other Modules. 

Module Index

  1. Drug administration Foundations - mandatory so must be completed along with recommended module(s). Completing this module allows access to all of the other modules here.
  2. Insulin injection - Syringe
  3. Insulin injection - Pen
  4. Insulin pump Bolus
  5. Insulin Dose Calculation Foundations
  6. Hybrid Closed Loop Management
  7. Glucagon injection
  8. Ketone testing
  9. Line change Foundations
  10. Mini-dose Glucagon

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