The creation of these training modules to assist school staff and children with Type 1 was facilitated by  voluntary work performed by Peter Goss  FRACP  Vic, Chair APS Diabetes Committee, Jenny Goss CDE Vic, Darrell Price FRACP Qld, Leone Gray FRACP Qld, Megan Paterson CDE NSW, Deb Foskett CDE Qld, Kirrily Chambers CDE SA, Jess O'Shannassy CDE Vic and Anton Harding FRACP Vic. Clinical advice was also gratefully received from Bruce King FRACP,  Carmel Smart PhD, Peter Adolfsson MD PhD, Jerry Wales DM, Joe Solowiejczyk DE and Charlotte Goss BA M.Teach.

This initiative was supported by community partners, Lou's Legacy (Lucy Nicholls) and the Type 1 Foundation, (Ange McCaughley, Sarah Gocentis, Rebecca Broekman, Jo Manderson, Allan Houliston, Tanya Carroll, Michelle Dickens  and Michelle Winkle).

We  gratefully acknowledge ISPAD, our world child diabetes leaders  for their genuine advocacy for children and families with T1D  by endorsing these modules and therefore aiming for best possible outcomes for those living with T1D!

The upgrading and expansion of the modules has been assisted by a grant from the Geelong Community Foundation.

The launch of the Type 1 Learning Centre has been facilitated by Lou's Legacy and we gratefully knowledge the assistance of the Collingwood Football Club.

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