The Australian Paediatric Society launched 2024 T1D Learning Centre school courses on 25 January 2024.
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For Level 3 - Complex Care of the individual student with Type 1 Diabetes 2023 find out about Module choice here.

25 January 2024

Level 1 - Essential care of all students with Type 1 Diabetes 2024

For all school staff.

The T1D Level 1 course is aimed at staff employed by a school with a student living with Type 1 Diabetes. All such school personnel require essential foundation education on the immediate needs of the student with Type 1, including the need to act immediately and escalate to a person with adequate training/accreditation to manage appropriately. 

The course also outlines how Type 1 impacts the student and family and the important role of the school in optimizing safety, learning and emotional health outcomes for the student. 

The course may take 20-30 minutes to complete. 
Released: 25 January 2024

Level 2 - Essential Care of the individual student with Type 1 Diabetes 2024

For school staff with direct responsibility for the student with Type 1.

The T1D Level 2 course assists school staff to fulfill their obligations and duties when they have direct responsibility for a student with Type 1 Diabetes. This level is based upon the recommendations of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) Position Statement for Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Schools.

School staff have duty of care obligations to keep students free from foreseeable harm when under their care.  To do so,  those staff with direct responsibilities (classroom teacher, special subject teacher, bus driver etc)  require education and training on emergency management of high and low blood glucose levels. 

The course may take 20-30 minutes to complete.

Released: 25 January 2024

Level 3 - Complex Care of the individual student with Type 1 Diabetes 2024

For designated school staff to complete recommended modules. 

Schools/education authorities have a legal obligation to provide complex care, including insulin administration, at school. Successful completion of the T1D Level 3 course will provide a certificate which will assist, but not accredit, the school staff member to undertake complex care of the student with Type 1 at school.

The parent and medical team recommend which modules to complete for the individual student. Additional education (module completion) and training may be required in special circumstances (e.g. remote camp).
More information on Module choice here.
The course may take 20-30 minutes to complete depending upon required modules.

Released: 25 January 2024